Saturday, December 29, 2012

What Christmas looked like this year.

No snow, no cold, no sweet little boy.
But he got some new pajamas in a Christmas box from us!

He looks pretty happy, doesn't he?  He is thriving as he waits for his forever family.

New traditions in a new place.

Sweet children in our new church singing their hearts out..especially this one little sweet girl.  The boys?  Not so much.  They had the total deer in the headlights look.

Some of the Evergreen Group sang "Jesus Loves Me" in Chinese."

The Four Chinese Tenors?

Body worship-those of our friends will recognize this kind of singing and dancing that is so Chinese!

The Sunday before Christmas, we had four baptisms.  They had sweet testimonies and were so joyful when they came out of the water.

Great food, of course!

A new tradition of driving to the coast on Christmas Eve.  We drove to through the snowy coastal range and had a beautiful day at Cannon Beach.

Old traditions-our tree.  It was so wonderful to have a fresh tree and to get out our ornaments that we have seen in four years.  Some of our ornaments are from when Paul and I lived in Germany in the late 80's.  

New tradition-getting our Christmas tree in the pouring rain.  Welcome to the Pacific Northwest!

Ancient tradition-the Advent wreath that we light each week of Advent as we anticipate the coming of Emmanuel.

Family tradition- a movie on Christmas afternoon.  This time it was Les Miserables.  I desperately tried to finish the 1200 page book before we saw the movie.  I got up to page 500!  The movie was simply wonderful-an amazing story of redemption.  Go and see it...and read the book.  I am still engrossed.  The story is compelling!


Grace and Peace to the few who still keep up with my random blogging!

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