Sunday, May 4, 2014

Be a gardener

A few weeks ago we were on the lovely island of Thetis and stayed at the Caprenwray school.  While there, we walked around and I saw these lovely raised beds.  It made me itch to start ours!

Our community garden opened two weeks early but it's been too rainy to get in and start working the soil.  We finally had some dry and sunny days last week and were able to work in our homemade compost and purchased chicken manure. We have two 20X20 plots.

You can actually get free herbivore manure at the Portland Zoo (ZooDoo) but only during the day when I am at work. So alas, no elephant powered vegetables for us.

My car did smell like chicken manure for several days after this but I kind of liked it.

I went into Portland yesterday to the first plant sale of the season by the Multnohmah Master Gardeners.  I bought tomatoes and peppers (which will live on the back patio for a while until the ground heats up), celery, leeks, onions, broccoli and more.  I am hoping to get the peas and beans (seeds) in the ground this week.

My trunk was pretty full!

From Pinterest.

Be a gardener.
Dig a ditch,
toil and sweat,
and turn the earth upside down
and seek the deepness
and water the plants in time.
Continue this labor
and make sweet floods to run
and noble and abundant fruits
to spring.
Take this food and drink
and carry it to God
as your true worship.

--Julian of Norwich

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  1. I love reading about your garden. And the smell of compost.