Sunday, August 11, 2013

The act of creation.

It's hard to describe how happy our little garden plot makes me.  We are all ready planning for next year, thinking what else we could plant and how we could plan better and get more out of our 20X20 plot.

I am thrilled to see these sunflowers coming out!

We have two bean tents that have vines that have cross-over.  The purple beans actually belong to the other bean tent.  The scarlet runner beans are the green ones.  The purple beans are only purple until they are cooked...then they turn green!  Either way, they are lovely.

The yellow cherry tomatoes are the first ones to have color.

This pepper came from this plant.  I'll dice it and freeze it for the winter....there are plenty more on the vine.  I am hoping for serendipitous timing on hot banana peppers, tomatoes, and bell peppers so that I can make salsa.
Behind the pepper are two huge zucchini.  Plenty more are coming.  I bought disposable loaf pans today so I can make and freeze zucchini bread. 

Dave Harrity in Making Manifest says to remember that what you create is something close to holy.  That is what I feel in our garden as I see things grow and become beautiful.  I feel a tremendous sense of peace and yes, holiness as I watch this process.  It's amazing.

A seed only flourishes by staying in the ground in which it is sown. When you keep digging the seed up to check whether it is growing, it will never bear fruit. Think about yourself as a little seed planted in rich soil. All you have to do is stay there and trust that the soil contains everything you need to grow. This growth takes place even when you don’t feel it. Be quiet, acknowledge your powerlessness, and have faith that one day you will know how much you have received.
Henry Nouwen

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